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Lincoln Six-Echo
09 May 2006 @ 06:47 pm
For the one mystery person that I noticed dropped by and mostly for my own amusement:

This is a belated hiatus notice. I have a few more entries written down, but have been too busy to type them up lately. I'm still struggling with the plot, which I haven't really figured out. I might completely change what I have here when I do figure out what's going to happen both here and in an AU I'm planning. Either way, I should have some more entries up in a week or two.
Feeling: busybusy
Lincoln Six-Echo
23 March 2006 @ 09:57 pm
Well, it took a while but I got my stuff settled in and Tom walked me around the house explaining what all the rooms are as if I don't know what a bedroom is. Right now he's in the kitchen, getting food. Apparently, if you call them they bring it to your house! The only time you got food brought to you at the Institute was when you were really sick in the infirmary and that was totally no fun. I'm not sure if Tom wants me here. He seems really nervous and keeps walking back and forth between rooms and I really wish he's just sit down or something. From here I can see his art stuff and his motorcycle drawings and I'd really like to get another look, but he doesn't seem to like anything being moved. Why does he have so much stuff if all it does is sit on the shelves? There was never much stuff at the Institute. It was all white and stainless steel and cranky nutrition monitors. The only thing that's kinda weird is all Tom's pictures of himself. Some of them feel strangely familiar and it's so weird seeing my fave in all these places I've never been to and doing things I've never done. I hope Tom will tell me about them sometime. I love stories. Whoops- he's calling now. I think the food must be here. I want to go see who brought it.
Feeling: hungryhungry
Listening to: Tom pacing
Lincoln Six-Echo
22 March 2006 @ 04:51 pm
My name is Lincoln Six-Echo...and I don't know what I'm supposed to write here. Sometimes we'd write journals at the Institute but that was usually about feelings and stuff. I had to write every day for a whole month one time when I got angry and stormed out of work. I think I should say that I'm a colne since people out here seem to think it's important. Tom told me there's a lor of things I shouldn't talk about, but I think it's OK to say that. Tom's my sponsor (I think that's OK, too) and I've just moved in with him. What little stuff I had at the Institute is in boxes and Tom is moving some stuff out of one of the extra bedrooms upstairs for me. He's been really nice to me with the exception of one incident that he seems sorry about and that I don't think it's OK to mention. I want to think he likes me, but I'm not sure. He keeps telling me all sorts of things not to touch, not to say, not to do. :( (These face things are cool!) So I'm trying to keep out of his way. I'm sitting in the living room by one of the windows looking out at the water. It's nice. I wonder if I can go swimming later or if that's another thing I can't do. Anyway, Tom said I could use his tablet and so I went to this website because I saw an advertisement when I was at the trainstation the other day. It came on after one about Jamil "The Juggernaut" Starkweather, but I shouldn't talk about that because it makes me sad. So I came on here and Tom saw and started telling me all the things not to write about and saying how weird he thought it was to keep a journal that other people can see. I don't understand. The doctors always read our journals and the pictures we drew and I think they kept everything in files for whatever reason. Tom and I don't seem to agree about what is weird very often. Like he really doesn't like all the stuff on the tables and shelves being moved or even touched. All I want is to look at it. I wouldn't break it. I don't know if you can read this, Tom, but I'm not going to break any of your stuff. And don't talk about all the damage to downtown Los Angeles cause that really wasn't my fault and that has nothing to do with me moving your magazines or whatever. It looks like there are some cool programs on here and I'd like to make this journal look better. Tom's back downstairs. I'm gonna go ask him if I can use them.
Feeling: hopefulhopeful
Listening to: Tom telling me all the things I can't touch